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Mini French Bulldog Cardboard Dog


Mini French Bulldog is a cardboard decorative object designed to look like a dog.  It’s made out of high-strength paperboard, a double-wave cardboard that is five millimetres thick.  And it’s designed in separate detachable pieces, so it’s easy to store and transport. The assembly process has been optimized so it only requires one person. And a lot of thought was given to the product’s rigidity and sturdiness; that’s why certain parts of the dog’s structure have been reinforced with duplicate or even triplicate pieces.


The Mini French Bulldog was designed and manufactured 100% in Madrid (Spain). By supporting local production, we avoid generating pollution from freight transport by airplane, ship or road. Since it is made of cardboard, when you decide to dispense with its services you can simply deposit it in the recycling container and give it a second life. In the future, he may well become a shoebox or a notebook.

The French bulldog originated in the United Kingdoms, where, at one point, it became a popular breed among lace-makers from the Midlands who emigrated to France during the Industrial Revolution.  There, they crossed the bulldog with other flat-faced dog breeds originally used in bull-baiting. This breed is playful, comical, sweet, affectionate and so patient that it rarely barks. You’ll fall in love with the Mini French Bulldog Cardboard Dog at first sight, and, when you bring him home, you can give him any name you like.

SRP: 14.95 

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