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Michi Cardboard Cat


The Michi Cardboard Cat is a jewellery organizer designed to look like a cat. It was designed to hold your necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings and keep them on hand and organized. Michi is made out of high-strength paperboard, a double-wave cardboard that is five millimetres thick. It’s designed in separate detachable pieces, so it’s easy to store and transport. Assembly has been optimized so you only need one person to do it.


Felis silvestris catus is a small carnivorous mammal that has lived with humans for about 9,500 years. Adored by some, feared and despised by others, in ancient Egypt he was revered to the point that when a domestic cat died, the members of the family shaved their eyelashes in mourning.


Michi was designed and manufactured 100% in Madrid (Spain). By supporting local production, we avoid generating pollution from freight transport by airplane, ship or road. Since Michi is made of cardboard, when you decide to dispense with its services you can simply deposit it in the recycling container and give it a second life.


Emilio Alarcón has created Michi for Milimetrado, and Adrián Serrano has worked in its technical development.

  • Cardboard cat that you assemble yourself.
  • Material: 100% cardboard.
  • Colour: Natural cardboard.
  • Size once assembled: L x W x H: 47 x 41,3 x 13,5 cm.
  • Assembly instructions are printed on the package in English and Spanish.

SRP: 19.99 

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