Labrador Cardboard Dog


Labrador is a piece of cardboard furniture that is shaped like a dog. It’s designed to be used as a change tray where you can keep all those little things you need to take with you each time you leave home: your keys, wallet, smartphone, lipstick, glasses…  Although, you can also use it to organize and keep track of pens, mugs, diaries, notebooks, and all sorts of everyday objects.


Labrador is practical


Labrador was designed with three main uses in mind: nightstand, change tray and side table.


Nightstand. Thanks to Labrador’s stylized design, it takes up very little space and will easily fit by your bedside. It’s the just the right height to allow you to easily reach objects, and it’s perfect for storing things such as a glass of water to have on hand when you wake up, or to keep your smartphone while charging it, because the openings across the length of Labrador’s body are just the right size for charger cables (with brackets designed specifically for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy). You can also use it to store small items such as tissues, books, earplugs, sleeping masks, sleeping pills or other medicine, condoms, etc.


Change Tray. To use Labrador for this purpose, simply leave him in the entrance, that way you’ll never forget to take everyday objects with you. You’ll never forget your wallet, cigarettes, lighter, glasses or lipstick at home again. Labrador has a small hook in its mouth that you can use to hang your keychain. Don’t leave business cards strewn about the house; Labrador comes with a cardholder that you can install at your option. And Labrador also has two spaces behind his head specifically designed for umbrellas or walking sticks.


Side Table. Labrador is very lightweight, so it’s easy to move it around, that’s why it’s perfect if you want to use it for several different functions, for instance, you can leave it next to your desk to keep you company while you work. It’s the perfect place to store paper clips, rubber bands and other small desktop objects, that’s why it also comes with an optional pencil holder.


Your cardboard dog is a Labrador


The Labrador breed you’ve acquired is a Labrador. The Labrador is sociable, friendly, loyal, intelligent and fun-loving.


One of the Labrador’s most distinctive traits is its character. Thanks to its friendly disposition and exceptionally sociable nature, this canine breed is among the most popular in the world. Furthermore, their stable character has made these dogs one of mankind’s best allies; they help us out by working as rescue dogs, therapy dogs and assistance dogs.


How is Labrador made?


Labrador is made of high-strength paperboard, a double-wave cardboard that is five millimetres thick.  To prevent cuts and scrapes, the cardboard is die-cut in zigzag around the edges.  


Labrador is designed in separate detachable pieces, so it’s easy to store and transport. Assembly has been optimized so you only need one person to do it.


In designing Labrador, a lot of thought was given to the product’s rigidity and sturdiness and that is why certain parts of the dog’s structure have been reinforced with duplicate or even triplicate pieces.


Labrador is eco-friendly


Labrador is designed and manufactured 100% in Madrid (Spain). By supporting local production, we refrain from generating the sort of pollution caused by air, sea and road transport.


Labrador is made out of cardboard. When you decide to dispense with his services, you can just throw him in the recycling bin and give him a second life. In the future, Labrador may well become a shoe box or a notebook.


Labrador is pretty, clean and quiet


Labrador is very pretty, you can give it any name you like, pet its back and pat its head; and it’ll never let you down. Oh! And it won’t bark or pee on the carpet.


Who might like getting Labrador as a gift?


Labrador is the perfect gift for design fans and animal lovers. And, since it’s a recyclable product, it also conveys eco-friendly values.


Assembly is very easy and fun, and doesn’t even require any tools. You can put Labrador together in less than 20 minutes.


Who created Labrador?
The creative director behind Labrador is Emilio Alarcón for Milimetrado, with Alberto Alarcón and Pablo Cruz in charge of design and technical development. Milimetrado is a company based in Madrid that designs and produces high-quality products based on a philosophy of sustainability.

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