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Heart Corkboard


Pin you love memories on this corkboard illustrated with the engraving from 1872 of an anatomical heart. An impressive image that will transform any place where you hang it in an emotions-loaded corner.

Recórcholis is a collection of corkboards framed in pinewood and printed with beautiful evocative illustrations. This collection of products was designed and manufactured 100% on the Iberian Peninsula by Milimetrado; 77% of the world’s cork is produced in Iberia.

Cork is, basically, the bark of the cork tree, and its extraction does not require felling trees, which means cork production does not lead to desertification. The cork industry promotes a sustainable non-pollutant economic activity, and cork is an ecological, natural and recyclable product.

The Recórcholis Collection was designed by Emilio Alarcón for Milimetrado. Milimetrado is a company based in Madrid that designs and produces high-quality products based on a philosophy of sustainability.

SRP: 22.45 

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