Dachshund Cardboard Dog


Dachshund Cardboard Dog is a piece of cardboard furniture designed to look like a dog. It’s designed to be used as a change tray where you can keep all those little things you need to take with you each time you leave home: your keys, wallet, smartphone, lipstick, glasses… Although, you can also use it to organize and keep track of pens, mugs, diaries, notebooks, and all sorts of everyday objects.

Dachshund is made of high-strength paperboard, a double-wave cardboard that is five millimetres thick. Dachshund is designed in separate detachable pieces, so it’s easy to store and transport. Assembly has been optimized so you only need one person to do it. In designing Dachshund, a lot of thought was given to the product’s rigidity and sturdiness and that is why certain parts of the dog’s structure have been reinforced.

Dachshund is designed and manufactured 100% in Madrid (Spain). By supporting local production, we refrain from generating the sort of pollution caused by air, sea and road transport. Dachshund is made out of cardboard. When you decide to dispense with his services, you can just throw him in the recycling bin and give him a second life. In the future, Dachshund may well become a shoe box or a notebook.

The dachshund is sometimes called a teckel or dackel and, thanks to its long narrow build and short legs, it’s often nicknamed a weiner or sausage dog. Precisely because of its short legs, this dog is especially useful in hunting burrow-dwelling animals. Despite its small size and friendly demeanour, the dachshund is brave enough to confront a boar if necessary.Other outstanding character traits include: stubbornness, gentleness and intelligence. It is a docile, affectionate, noble, protective and very playful dog that makes the ideal pet for kids.

Dachshund is very pretty, you can give it any name you like, pet its back and pat its head; and it’ll never let you down. Oh! And it won’t bark or pee on the carpet.

SRP: 29.95 

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